Dolph Ziggler Reportedly Working Injured

Dolph Ziggler injured
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Dolph Ziggler has been pushed to the main event level of the company over the past few months, alongside Drew McIntyre, but the former World Champion wasn’t part of this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, which could be because he is reportedly working injured.

According to John Pollock at Post Wrestling Dolph Ziggler is working with an injured foot which could be why he hasn’t been featured as much on WWE TV in recent weeks since Drew McIntyre was the member of the team who was decidedly pushed forward and used this week on Raw.

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McIntyre teamed with Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin where they were able to write Braun Strowman off WWE TV and many fans were left wondering why Ziggler didn’t appear or even wait at ringside throughout the match to give his teammate support and this could be why.

There are no details on how severe the injury is right now or if it will cost Ziggler any time on the road in the coming weeks, but he is advertised to be appearing at this weekend’s Starrcade event but isn’t currently booked for next month’s TLC: Table’s, Ladders and Chairs.

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Drew McIntyre is expected to remain at main event level in the coming months, but this doesn’t necessarily include Ziggler since it was proved on Monday Night Raw that McIntyre doesn’t need Ziggler now that he has much bigger friends.

The Showoff was last seen at Survivor Series where he was part of Raw’s victorious 5-on-5 elimination match and he didn’t miss a beat, which means that even though he is dealing with an injury, he has found a way to work around it.