Dolph Ziggler Responds To Critics Who Have Labeled His Recent Matches “Boring”

Dolph Ziggler took a hiatus from WWE following Royal Rumble back in January so that he could take part in his own comedy tour. Ziggler then returned to the ring ahead of Super ShowDown when he entered a feud with Kofi Kingston over the WWE Championship.

Ziggler has been part of WWE now for more than a decade and has been forced to reinvent himself a number of times as part of the process which has allowed him to capture a number of World Championships.

Ziggler has always had his critics, many of which formed when he refused to have an entrance theme or a character last year when he turned heel and blamed fans for the fact that he wasn’t having a successful WWE spell.

Since Ziggler’s return to the ring a few weeks ago, critics have called his matches “boring” and “the same old Dolph Ziggler” which he decided to address in a recent Tweet. Ziggler has never been one to shy away from his critics and obviously decided that hitting them head-on was the best reaction.

Ziggler lost his WWE Championship match to Kofi Kingston back in Saudi Arabia as part of Super ShowDown, but this loss came after interference from Xavier Woods which has allowed Ziggler to claim a rematch, this time inside a steel cage.

Of course, Kevin Owens is still lurking in the background and is expected to step back into the title picture following Stomping Grounds, but right now Ziggler is on course to become WWE Champion.

Even though betting odds suggest that there will be no title changes at Stomping Grounds this weekend, Kingston will be at his most vulnerable as WWE Champion without his New Day teammates by his side which could be Ziggler’s best opportunity to defeat him and lift the WWE Championship for the first time in his career.