Dolph Ziggler Responds to The Rock’s Endorsement

As we reported earlier, The Rock has endorsed Dolph Ziggler as WWE Champion.

The Rock had responded to an Instagram post by WWE featuring Ziggler holding the WWE Championship title. The post was meant to hype up the match that Ziggler will have during Extreme Rules against the current champion Drew McIntyre.

Ziggler has responded to the Rock’s endorsement in a social media post of his own.

“ANOTHER legend signs off on DZ for WWE champ & its greatest of all time,” wrote Ziggler, tagging The Rock.

“Appreciate it brother, I truly do. But only 1 man can right this wrong Sunday, ME,” he added.

Ziggler name-checked McIntyre in the Tweet, saying that he will see him at Extreme Rules.

McIntyre had originally responded to The Rocks comment on the WWE Instagram post by saying that “it didn’t matter” what The Rock thought.

Ziggler responded to that thread by asking that he be “untagged from your never-ending convo about me.” He also told McIntyre that The Rock was more of an authority on who was good and who sucked in wrestling.

If Ziggler does indeed defeat McIntyre during Extreme Rules, it will be his third run with a WWE world championship title. His last big title run was in 2013 when he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Ziggler had been Mr. Money In The Bank that year and he successfully cashed in against Alberto Del Rio.