Dolph Ziggler Reveals The Original Plan When He “Quit” SmackDown Live Last Year

Dolph Ziggler has always been one of WWE’s biggest stars, but he finally found a way to get the world talking about him last year when he won the United States Championship and then as part of his celebration he stated that the WWE Universe didn’t deserve him before leaving the belt in the middle of the ring and exiting the arena.

Ziggler was then missing for a number of months and in that time SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan decided to crown a new Champion and Ziggler later returned at The Royal Rumble where there was no mention of the incident again.

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It appears that the WWE Universe was unaware of the full story and that Ziggler himself had a plan for this angle moving forward, but it was out his control.

“So, when I begged to go away for a long time, I wanted something special to happen,” he said via WrestlingNews. “I wanted to go away, work on myself, make myself stronger, make my character better using that entire process. And when I was inserted into the United States title match, I said, ‘What can I do, to make this match be more prestigious?’

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How can I steal this title away from those two other Superstars?’ And when I found a way, the reaction was there, but it wasn’t quite what I wanted. I thought to myself as I got close to the ring, ‘Walk away and don’t say a word. That will get everybody talking. That will be similar to going away for three months, going away for six months.

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“Going away for a year or two. As much as I can, without giving up and breaching my contract.’ So I did what I could, and I slammed that title down and I walked out. And that was the most anyone talked about me in seven years, and I really wanted to capitalize on it. I felt special about it.

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“We went in a different direction, but sometimes you do everything you can within your power, and I without a doubt have always done everything in my power to make the titles mean something, make those memorable moments mean something, and have my career be the best it can be.

“So, some things are out of my hand. I don’t own the company. But I wanted that to be special, and it was. It just could have been a hell of a lot more special.”

Ziggler has since gone on to become one of Raw’s top stars which means that even though the path wasn’t one that he chose, the destination is still where he wanted to be.