Dolph Ziggler Says He is “Not a Big Fan” of Wrestling and Doesn’t Watch SmackDown

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode recently reunited as a tag team on SmackDown and, last week, they defeated SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits.

Ziggler was also a guest on Talking Smack, where he made some interesting revelations. The former WWE Champion revealed that money comes first before everything he does in WWE.

He also stated that he is “not a big fan” of pro-wrestling and doesn’t even watch SmackDown.

“We came to work today. So, that’s how it starts. You show up, you do your job. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be in breach of contract, because I get paid a bunch of money, whether it’s here for a day or even talking to you guys (points to Heyman and Braxton), which is great.”

“Money first, make sure you show up and get paid, and then show everyone why you get paid more than everybody else, who may or may not be in the building at the time. SmackDown – I don’t watch wrestling, I’m not a big fan. I come to work to kick ass and win.”

His comments have raised some eyebrows and nobody knows for sure if this was supposed to be a shoot or a work. However, given his history with WWE, some of the things Ziggler said about wrestling might be true.

In the past, Ziggler wanted to leave WWE to focus on his standup comedy career and even rejected an offer to work as a producer.