Dolph Ziggler Wants To Have A Lengthy Feud With AJ Styles

Will WWE shine the main event spotlight on The Showoff ever again?

Image via WWE

Dolph Ziggler is hands-down a future WWE Hall Of Famer but his in-ring career has stalled at present.

The Showoff enjoyed the main event spotlight back in the day and used to be one of the promising future faces of WWE. However, Vince McMahon soon took eyes off Ziggler and the blonde Superstar has been an avid mid-carder ever since.

During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Ziggler revealed that he would like to have a lengthy feud with reigning United States Champion AJ Styles.

I would like to do something long-term with AJ [Styles] because we got to do a couple of live events and a couple of shows to where him and I said at the beginning ‘we’re just going to go amateur wrestling at the beginning.’ So we just got to roll around to test each other out and feel it out.

This rivalry might help revive Ziggler’s career once again. The Showoff direly needs a push and the WWE Universe has gotten bored with his “It should be me” stale catchphrase.

However, in order to feud with Styles, Ziggler must turn babyface because his heel character would get buried any day and The Phenomenal One is already playing the role of a villain.

This week on SmackDown Live, Ziggler interrupted Miz TV and began badmouthing legends who appeared on RAW Reunion. Thereafter, the 38-year-old Superstar got into a heated verbal exchange with special guest Shawn Michaels.

The Miz finally interrupted both men and dared Ziggler to hit him – HBK ducked and The A-Lister got punched in the face instead. The Showoff then followed it up with a Sweet Chin Music on the Hall Of Famer to bring the segment to a close.