Dominik Dijakovic Teases WWE Raw Arrival By Tweeting Paul Heyman’s Photo

WWE is in talks to bring in several wrestlers from NXT to the main roster, as Matt Riddle has already found his home on Friday nights. Another rumored star for the main roster, Dominik Dijakovic, has been teasing his appearance on the red brand for quite some time now.

This week, Dijakovic tweeted a pic of former RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman, further indicating a switch to the main roster. Heyman was recently fired from his role in the creative and was said to be focusing more on his in-ring career as a manager.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is the only other star apart from Dijakovic to make comments on the Heyman situation, who was unceremoniously dumped after reports of a tussle with Vince McMahon.

Dijakovic could merely be using the current news to bring more attention to his character or could be teasing an alliance with Heyman. With Brock Lesnar not returning anytime soon, we could receive a new ‘Paul Heyman Guy’ and Dijakovic could very well be the answer.

It is highly unlikely though that Dijakovic will give away such a major plot point on his social media, which makes the tweet even more puzzling. Djokovic also tweeted a picture of the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins, last week.

WWE usually introduces new faces on post-PPV episodes, and Dijakovic could be making his debut tonight on RAW.