Dominik Reveals Biggest Advice He Received From Rey Mysterio

Second-generation Superstar Dominik Mysterio was traded to SmackDown as part of the 2020 WWE Draft and the WWE Universe is pretty excited to see what the young talent will bring to The Blue Show in the coming days.

As the proud son of future Hall Of Famer Rey Mysterio, Dominik grew up with some of the biggest pro wrestling minds around him, but his father’s words prevail over everyone.

During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Dominik revealed the best piece of advice he has received from Mr. 619 to date. And that is, to slow down.

“In-ring, slow down. Always. That’s the best advice – from everyone I’ve talked to, everyone always tells me to slow down. That’s the best.”

“My dad has given me so much advice outside the ring, and I think one of the more important things he said to me is to worry about the people that care about you because their opinions are what matter most. He says because everyone has their opinion and they can think what they want, but the people that care for you and love you are gonna tell you exactly how it really is.”