Donald Trump, Chris Jericho Post Congratulatory Messages For Triple H

Triple H celebrated his 25th anniversary as a wrestler on this week’s episode of SmackDown. Many current and past WWE superstars and employees congratulated him on this milestone, including Vince McMahon.

Two other notable names, who are no longer necessarily part of WWE, also congratulated Triple H – current United States President Donald Trump and current AEW star Chris Jericho.

During Jericho’s time in WWE, the two were involved in several storylines and had memorable matches. Some of their most memorable matches were to become the Undisputed WWE Champion.

On his Twitter, Jericho posted a video where he congratulated Triple H and commented on the “amazing chemistry” he felt that they had in the ring.

“I just want to wish him a happy 25th Anniversary, to one of the greatest to ever step inside of a wrestling ring, and a guy that I just had killer chemistry with. Every match we had was great,” said Jericho.

“Happy 25th Anniversary, here’s to another 25 years of dominating the wrestling world as only The Game can do,” he added.

Trump, who became part of the WWE Hall of Fame’s celebrity wing back in 2013, also sent a congratulatory message to Triple H – but he was a bit more succinct.

Trump retweeted a Tweet from Vince McMahon where the later congratulated his “son-in-law”. The McMahon tweet featured a photo of Triple H and his wife – and McMahon’s daughter – Stephanie during a WrestleMania entrance.

Trump wrote on his Tweet that Triple H is “a total winner”.