Drake Maverick Crowned New WWE 24/7 Champion

Can R-Truth & Carmella recapture the title from Maverick soon enough?

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The WWE 24/7 Championship changed hands this week on SmackDown Live as Drake Maverick hoodwinked R-Truth to capture the title.

The former 205 Live General Manager has been on a relentless pursuit for the title ever since Hall Of Famer Mick Foley introduced it on Monday Night RAW. And after a month’s grinding, Maverick finally managed to win the gold from R-Truth.

It all began with R-Truth getting eliminated and leaving his partner, The Miz, alone in the tag team match against Drew McIntyre and Elias (w/ Shane McMahon) on SmackDown Live. Superstars rushed down to the ring as soon as Truth was pinned, and chased him through the crowd.

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The record 5-time 24/7 Champion was about to leave the building after the show. He was looking for his partner in crime, Carmella and chanced upon ‘her’. However, it was actually Maverick wearing a Carmella t-shirt and a wig.

The referee had got off the car by the time Truth delivered an uppercut to Maverick. The 47-year old Superstar opened the car door and had barely got in when suddenly Maverick rolled him up from behind and scored the pin. It is to be noted that the former 205 Live GM had used the door as his leverage to pin R-Truth.

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Maverick is already enjoying his reign as the new WWE 24/7 Champion. The only question is, for how long?

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A bunch of Superstars is on Maverick’s trail and it appears that WWE could use all the chaos and confusion to hand the title back to the ex-Champion in a comedic fashion.

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Hey…I’m the 24/7 Champion ?

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While it’s possible for Truth to show up 1-on-1 to capture the title from Maverick, WWE might as well take a different route to boost the excitement.

We’ve all seen how Truth had once tricked everyone to steal the Intercontinental Championship and he might as well use his trickery once more to capture the title from the very man who fooled him with a disguise. And Carmella could also play a major role in Truth’s mission!