Drake Maverick Reveals Rejected Idea For a Live Marriage Consummation

Drake Maverick has recently been rehired by WWE after being named as one of the stars who was released by the company pack in April. Ahead of his release, Maverick had a fantastic run in the 24/7 Championship picture on Monday Night Raw.

The former General Manager of 205 Live had a lengthy back and forth with R-Truth with a storyline that included the fact that his wife wouldn’t consummate their marriage until he won the Championship.

The couple’s marriage and the wedding night was used in the storyline, but it appears that things didn’t get as wild as they could have since Maverick recently revealed in an interview with Metro that his idea for a live sex celebration as a parody of Edge and Lita’s was rejected.

“The one I pitched was the live consummation celebration which was supposed to be a spoof on the Edge and Lita one, which was very PG but you could imagine Drake Maverick stripping off for his wife, trying to take his pants off and falling over, then getting back up like it didn’t happen, That sort of stuff”

“And then when he finally gets in the bed and they’re getting closer together, closer together, closer together, R-Truth just peeps up. Then that’s when it’s fighting him in your underpants, he schoolboys you 1-2-3 and runs off.”