Drake Maverick Talks About Importance Of “Standing Out” In WWE

Image via Twitter

Drake Maverick is currently WWE 24/7 Champion and, during an interview in Busted Open Radio, he talked about his unlikely journey – not just to holding a WWE title – but to being in the WWE itself.

Talking to the WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray Dudley, Maverick spoke about how his admittedly small size and stature is something he’s embraced rather then something he’s seen as a stumbling block.

“For somebody who is of smaller stature than everyone else in the industry, you have to make sure you stand out, as every performer does,” said Maverick.

“I know a lot of people that get into this industry that don’t embrace the fact that they’re small. That, to me, is what makes me special. I am just proud to be in this industry. I am obviously proud to represent the United Kingdom, but I am just proud to be in this industry. The changes that have been made over the last few years and everything that they do for the athletes here in the WWE – I am a very proud man, and I am very proud to work for the company that I do, and I am very proud to work in the industry,” he added.

According to Maverick, he particularly likes taking part in WWE charity events as he likes seeing the joy that a WWE superstar can bring to people’s lives.

“Anything I’ve been able to do in regards to putting smiles on faces, charity work, anything like that, that is the stuff that I am most proud of. I remember when I was a kid and I saw a WWE superstar; I would lose my mind. It would be the best day of my life. If you could put a smile on someone’s face and forget about the problems that are going on, that is a blessing and that makes me proud every day, said Maverick.