Drew McIntyre Believes a Feud With Jinder Mahal is WrestleMania Worthy

As we reported earlier, former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has had knee surgery again. This is a blow to the progression of Mahal’s career as he had already missed a good part of 2019 with a knee injury and had only returned this April.

Reports and fan speculation had Mahal getting involved with his former 3MB stablemate Drew McIntyre who is currently the WWE Champion.

McIntyre addressed the rumors of a potential feud with Mahal during an interview with Sports Matters TV.

According to McIntyre, he would love to feud with Mahal and he believes that the two have a backstory that could make the feud worthy of a WrestleMania match.

“It should be at a WrestleMania or any PPV as long as there’s an appropriate build and an appropriate story told for the fans to invest in,” said McIntyre about a feud with Mahal.

“It’s not just 3MB,” he added.  “There’s so much more to it than that. There’s what happened in the ring and especially down the ring that people don’t know about in our personal private lives and what was going on at the time especially with me.”

McIntyre pointed out that they were both let go from the WWE at around the same time, but Mahal was able to “turn his life around” quicker than he was.

Mahal returned to WWE before McIntyre and also became a WWE champion before him. Though, as McIntyre pointed out, Mahal’s reign wasn’t as well-received as his currently is. This could be a source of tension that could be worked into a storyline.

“It could make for one of the most memorable feuds of all time. There’s so much material,” he said.