Drew McIntyre Reportedly Got On SmackDown Because Writer Thought He Was “Hot”, Triple H Reveals How Much Stephanie McMahon Puts Into WWE

Drew McIntyre is the current WWE Champion, but a few years ago when McIntyre was first making waves in WWE, The Scottish Star was able to gain a push to the main roster for a shocking reason.

It was obvious that McIntyre wasn’t ready when he first debuted on SmackDown back in 2008, but according to NWA Vice President David Lagana in a recent interview with Muscle Man Malcolm, it was because one of the writers thought that Drew McIntyre was “hot.”

“If you’ve ever seen the very first time Drew walked out on SmackDown, even before the Mr. McMahon stuff. He tells the story about getting signed and going right up to the main roster and teaming with Dave Taylor. I’ve had a relationship with Drew ever since then. Me, Dusty [Rhodes], and [WWE writer] Jenn Bloodsworth, when we were doing ECW, we just became close with Drew. Vince asked Jenn, ‘What do you think of the new guy?’ and she goes, ‘he’s hot.’ And that’s what got him on TV. He wasn’t ready for it. He talked about it,” via Fightful.

While Drew McIntyre is controlling the company over on Raw, this week’s SmackDown will see the company celebrating 25 years of Triple H, and The Game recently made an appearance on The Bump ahead of his upcoming anniversary, where he talked all about his wife and the input she has had in WWE over the years.

While sporting a new look during the current lockdown in the United States, The King of Kings went into depth about his wife and how much she has supported WWE behind the scenes over the past few years.

“I think she is the family of it. She is the heart of it. She is the soul of it. She is the business side of it. The creative side. She understands all those pieces”