Drew McIntyre In For BIG Push, To Feud With Roman Reigns Post Hell In A Cell

Drew McIntyre
Image via thechairshot.com

Roman Reigns finally won the WWE Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. After failing against The Beast thrice before, Reigns finally ended Brock Lesnar’s historic 504-day Universal Title reign at Brooklyn two weeks ago.

The Big Dog is now set to make his first pay-per-view title defense when he faces Braun Strowman at Hell In A Cell on September 16, 2018. Strowman agreed to cash in his Money In The Bank contract this week on Monday Night RAW.

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According to the Daily Mirror, Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated claims that Reigns will beat Strowman at Hell In A Cell and will then kickoff a feud with Drew McIntyre. It’s also reported that WWE will be doing away with the Reigns/Strowman feud post Hell In A Cell for some time now.

McIntyre is one of WWE’s hottest rising stars and has been slated as the favorite to be crowned the first ever British world champion.

After an unceremonious exit from WWE in 2014, McIntyre returned to NXT in 2017 and captured the NXT Championship. During the 2018 Superstar Shakeup, McIntyre made his shocking re-debut on RAW as an ally of Dolph Ziggler.

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Impact Wrestling gave McIntyre a new life where the Scottish Psychopath reinvigorated his career to return to WWE and wreck havoc.

Although it’s very unlikely that McIntyre will be Universal Champion any time soon, his feud with Roman Reigns will serve as a major push he deserves right now. WWE has tried to establish Reigns as the company’s face ever since 2014 and now that The Big Dog is finally holding the company’s top prize, it’s safe to assume that the Samoan will have a lengthy title reign.

Reigns and McIntyre have already exchanged blows since Mcintyre’s rememergence on the main roster four months ago but both men are yet to go on a 1-on-1 feud.

With McIntyre’s revamped character still left to be explored, he could be the ideal guy besides Braun Strowman with a fresh aura and big physique to clash against Reigns.

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The Big Dog is being portrayed as a babyface even though he receives more jeers than cheers. Thus, whoever squares off against a babyface Reigns will automatically be billed as a heel. And McIntyre is no exception although he already plays a villainous character.

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Ziggler and McIntyre formed a daring alliance with Strowman who turned heel last week on RAW and laid waste to The Shield.

The two teams recently went down during a live event in London a couple of days ago when Reigns beat Strowman via DQ.

The Shield will lock horns with Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre at the WWE Super Show-Down on October 6, 2018 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia.