Drew McIntyre Responds to Rumored SummerSlam Opponent

While the “biggest party of the summer”, the SummerSlam pay-per-view, will no longer be held in Boston but at the Performance Center, WWE is determined to make it a great show.

The WWE Championship has always had a place in the SummerSlam card and rumors are abounding that the plan is to have Randy Orton face the current champion Drew McIntyre.

“That’s exciting to me,” McIntyre told Alex McCarthy of talksSPORT when asked about the rumors.”Randy Orton is on fire right now.”

“Like, even when he’s not even trying – he’s admitted himself sometimes he’s not putting in 100 percent – but he’s still better than 90 percent of everybody in the world when he’s barely trying,” noted McIntyre.

“But when he’s on, there is nobody that can touch Randy Orton,” he concluded.

McIntyre believes that a match against Orton would go a long way to building up his reputation as a worthy champion.

“Because there might be a new viewer watching and I’ve got to tell them who I am, and why they should be behind me. And I think with Randy Orton, he’s so well established and instantly recognizable, he’s so good at his role that it would make me have to work up to his level or I would drown,” added McIntyre.