Drew McIntyre Reveals That He Caught COVID-19 Despite Following Strict Measures

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre tested positive for COVID-19 last week and forced WWE to change several plans for Monday Nigth Raw at the last minute.

It came as a surprise to McIntyre when he was given his result since the star has revealed that he is one of the luckier ones who haven’t got any symptoms of the virus.

This past week on Raw, it was revealed that McIntyre would be making his return on the final Raw before Royal Rumble and would be face to face with Goldberg, who challenges him on Sunday night for the WWE Championship.

Ahead of his title defense, McIntyre spoke to The Arash Markazi Show where he revealed that he was following strict measures when he caught COVID, which include not even leaving the house except for work.

“I mean, my first thoughts were honestly, you know, this is why we do the test. You know, throughout the whole pandemic from the beginning, we’ve never stopped running right up until now. WWE has been testing everybody before you even allowed to enter the building, and I’m so glad that they caught and I never knew I had—I’ve been following the strict safety guidelines. The general was wearing a mask and social distancing, but I’ve taken it to another level where my wife and I don’t leave the house essentially, aside to go to work, and I still managed to catch it.”