Drew McIntyre Reveals The Moment Vince McMahon Saw Him As The Next Big Star Of WWE

Drew McIntyre claymore kicked Brock Lesnar all the way to win the WWE Championship earlier this month at WrestleMania 36. The massive title victory cemented him as the first British Superstar to ever win a WWE world title in the history of the company.

McIntyre’s Road To WrestleMania has been nothing short of a fairytale – from winning the Men’s Royal Rumble match to “retiring” MVP to crushing Erick Rowan’s cage to dethroning The Beast at the Show Of Shows – The Chosen One has done it all!

However, it wasn’t until October 2019 that WWE had begun considering McIntyre as a potential main event Superstar. The Scottish Psychopath began showing more personality in his match against Ricochet on RAW after 2-time Hall Of Famer Ric Flair gave him directions from ringside.

On Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, reigning Champion, McIntyre revealed that he was asked to “keep going with that theme” in the following weeks which soon led to the British Superstar cut an unscripted promo in a dark segment while a steel cage was being set up for the next match. The 34-year-old Superstar was thereafter informed by RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman that Vince McMahon had found his next main-event Superstar, and the rest is history. 

“They [the fans] were all engaged and we had a good banter back and forth, just with me as the conductor with the microphone. I guess he [Vince McMahon] saw that and went, ‘Wow, I didn’t know Drew could do that.’ I think that’s, by the sound of things, from what Paul told me, that’s where it [main-event push] stemmed from.”

“He [Vince McMahon] saw the real Drew. He’s seen the real Drew in real life but he hasn’t seen it on screen. He went, ‘That’s the guy. I need to put that guy on television.’ I went, ‘Oh, that’s great. If that’s just the real me, that would be way easier!’”

From his unceremonious WWE exit in 2014 to being established as the face of the billion-dollar promotion six years later, it’s been a dream come true for reigning WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.