Drew McIntyre Reveals When He Found Out He Was Winning The Royal Rumble, NXT UK Takeover: Dublin Officially Postponed

Image via WWE

Drew McIntyre went from not winning a match on pay-per-view in 2019 to winning the 2020 Royal Rumble match and now going on to main event WrestleMania 36 alongside Brock Lesnar. The Scottish star has worked his way up through the ranks in WWE and was a shock winner of the annual match, something that McIntyre recently talked to Alex McCarthy of TalkSPORT about.

It appears that even though many fans believed that McIntyre would win the match, the former Champion didn’t find out that he would be winning until the day of the show, because he believed WWE would go with Brock Lesnar over him.

“The day of the show. I had a feeling that we were heading the way of Brock potentially, but it almost seemed too good to be true. Like a dream scenario for me and I don’t believe anything until it happens.”

McIntyre went on to state that in WWE everything is changing, and some of his biggest matches have been changed at the very last second, so he doesn’t believe anything now until it happens.

“Regarding winning it [Royal Rumble], certainly, I’ve been down to win a few things in my career – especially my early career – that never actually happened. And some of them were changed at the very last second, some very big matches. So I don’t believe anything until it actually happens – that’s how I stay sane I guess?”

While McIntyre awaits Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania next weekend, it’s already been revealed that NXT Takeover: Tampa will be split over the next few episodes of NXT, while The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is set to take place as part of SummerSlam weekend instead.

NXT UK has their own Takeover event set to take place on April 26th in Dublin, the show is more than four weeks away, but WWE has decided to err on the side of caution and decide to postpone the show until October 25th.

It’s thought that the card will change over the coming months since the storylines heading into Dublin wouldn’t be expected to expand a further six months. It could be that WWE allows NXT UK to have their own Takeover in the summer before Dublin becomes their final pay-per-view of the year.