Drew McIntyre Sends a Message to Roman Reigns Following WWE Championship Victory

On this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, Drew McIntyre beat Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. He lost the title to The Viper at Hell in a Cell pay-per-view and last night, he reclaimed what was his.

This week, McIntyre also changed his attire before the Raw main event. Sheamus gave him a box that contained a kilt and a claymore. The Scottish Psychopath made his entrance wearing the kilt with the sword in his hands. He then put the longsword right through the ramp and fought against Orton.

After his successful title victory, McIntyre was interviewed backstage, and first, the WWE Champion talked about how his victory against Orton felt bigger than beating Lesnar at WrestleMania.

“Every time I hear Drew McIntyre WWE Champion, it never gets old. It feels like the first time [I won the title] every time, even though this is technically my second reign. Yet, I feel exactly the same as I did the first time.”

“The only thing that makes it sweeter is I beat Randy Orton after everything we’ve been through,” said the Scottish star. “After everything he put me through personally, after everybody he attacked, and after taking my title away from me at Hell in a Cell, this felt pretty freaking good.”

He also sent a message to his Survivor Series opponent Roman Reigns.

“You told me to go get a title, Roman. Well, I went and got a title. See you on Sunday.”