Drew McIntyre: “Triple H Convinced Me It Was Time To Come Home”

Image via WWE.com

Drew McIntyre came back to WWE in 2017 and already put the men’s locker room on notice since his main roster re-debut last year.

After an unceremonious exit from the company in 2014, McIntyre went to the independent circuit and wrestled at various promotions of which TNA/IMPACT Wrestling deserves special mention.

After making a name for himself for about 3 years outside WWE, the British wrestler was finally approached by WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative Paul “Triple H” Levesque.

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During a recent interview with Orlando Sentinel, Drew revealed how he is a completely different person now and what he plans to do next now that he is back in WWE.

“Triple H convinced me it was time to come home. I’m proud of the different man I became during my time away. I came back as the grown-up version of myself.”

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“I looked at Raw [last winter] and I saw room for improvement. A lot of people there looked a little complacent, a little bit entitled, not giving their all, the way I used to look. But I worked very hard to take advantage of my opportunities, so I hoped I could come in and set an example.” 

“Now all I need to do is become the first British heavyweight champion. I’m not shy to say that’s the goal. If it isn’t, why are you even here?” 

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Since his return, McIntyre has already won 2 titles- NXT Championship and RAW Tag Team Championship with Dolph Ziggler.

The Scottish Psychopath is already being pushed as the top star in the absence of Roman Reigns and is currently being groomed to become the next face of WWE.