Drew McIntyre Vows To Dethrone Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho Puts Over AEW, Superstar Removed From Worlds Collide, Rhea Ripley


Drew McIntyre Vows To Dethrone Brock Lesnar

Drew McIntyre earlier claimed himself to be physically and mentally prepared for WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar more than anyone else in the men’s locker room.

During a recent interview with WrestlingNews, The Scottish Pysopath talked about new lifestyle habits and made a vow to dethrone The Beast.

“I don’t drink and party anymore, so that’s the key,” McIntyre said. “I’m Scottish and I don’t drink.”

“If Brock Lesnar has [the Universal Championship], if he wants to show up that’s cool [then] we can wrestle in the ring. If he doesn’t want to show up I’ll fly to his farm, I’m getting the Universal Championship.”

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Chris Jericho Puts Over All Elite Wrestling

Chris Jericho has officially signed with All Elite Wrestling as revealed during the promotion’s first rally on Tuesday. During the recent edition of Sirius XM Busted Open Radio, Y2J said AEW is the “real deal” and revealed that he wouldn’t have signed if there wasn’t a strong television network deal on the table.

“Nothing is set in stone [but] the three that I know of are all ones that people [will say] ok this is the real deal.”

“There’s a couple that I know of that are on the table and both of them are like wow.”

“By me joining the company I think fans and wrestlers most importantly go, ‘Holy sh*t this is real.’ Because if Jericho went there this is real. Because a lot of people don’t know Kenny or Cody or The Bucks. We know them, but your average fan doesn’t. Your guy in the WWE making a decent living, but thinks they can do better now knows, ‘Wow, Jericho can go there I can go there too.’”

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Superstar Removed From WWE Worlds Collide

205 Live Superstar Humberto Castillo was pulled within 2 hours of the original announcement of WWE Worlds Collide. Castillo’s name has been removed and the final 205 Live slot now reads: “A Superstar to be named.”

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Rhea Ripley Trashes #WeSupportToniStorm hashtag

NXT UK Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley labeled #WeSupportToniStorm pathetic after the hashtag began to trend to show support for 2018 Mae Young Classic winner Toni Storm whose private photos were recently leaked online causing the young Kiwi wrestler to delete her social media accounts.