Drew McIntyre Wants to Face The Rock at WrestleMania in Scotland

Current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre recently gave an interview to Mark Hendry of The Glasgow Times where he stated that he wants a WrestleMania match against the Rock.

McIntyre is the first Scottish WWE Champion and, like any good hometown boy, named a couple of Glasgow venues as the possible locations for the match against The Rock at the grandest show of all, WrestleMania.

“I’d love to face The Rock anywhere,” began McIntyre. “But if there was one place on earth it would be at a WrestleMania at Ibrox.”

He also noted that the match might have to happen at Hampden, however, as a match between him and The Rock would need a “massive” venue.

McIntyre also spoke a bit about his relationship with the Rock who he called one of the nicest guys in the world and has been complimentary of McIntyre in the past.

“There was a time I was doing nothing, really, and TMZ asked him who he thought was the next breakout star. And he picked me,” recalled McIntyre.

According to McIntyre, The Rock’s words to TMZ inspired him and fired him up.

“I appreciated that and it gave me motivation,” he said.