Drew McIntyre Was Convinced By Triple H and William Regal To Return To WWE

Image via WWE

Drew McIntyre first debuted in WWE over a decade ago, and he was proclaimed to be the ‘Chosen One’. McIntyre was destined for big things in the company before he was eventually relegated to the lower-card and released in 2014.

McIntyre turned to the indies and wrestled under his real name, Drew Galloway, achieving success in different promotions like WCPW, ICW, and TNA. McIntyre talked to Fightful.com recently, and spoke about his career in WWE. He said that everyone was shocked when he was let go by the WWE in 2014, and felt that it eventually turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

“When I got fired that day. I got the phone call, I was a little surprised. I think the person on the phone was a little surprised; the fans were a little surprised. But to be honest, there was no way I could logically transition into anything serious. And I don’t think it would have panned out if I did. I think I had to go away, apply the lessons I learned outside of the nonstop WWE environment. ‘Cause this place never stops. We’re always creating content. It’s very difficult to re-invent yourself, you know, within this world if people know you a certain way.”

The former Intercontinental Champion said that he was skeptical about moving to WWE after his TNA contract expired, and was planning a move to New Japan. However, a phone call from fellow Britishman William Regal, who McIntyre considers as a mentor, changed the things completely. It was followed by a call from Triple H, and McIntyre eventually joined WWE’s developmental brand, NXT.

And it wasn’t until my TNA contract lapsed; my wife and I had to decide our next move that day. I was thinking I was gonna go to New Japan probably ‘cause I really wanted to go there and really wanted to work there. Then I got a call from William Regal, who’s a bit of a mentor of mine, who told me we’d take a call with Triple H. We spoke, and decided the next move was WWE and NXT in particular.”

Drew McIntyre won the NXT Championship and after his move to the main roster in 2018, won the RAW Tag Team Championships with Dolph Ziggler.