Drew McIntyre’s Next Target Is WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar


Monday Night RAW Superstar Drew McIntyre is in for a huge push as he is set for a monstrous 2019.

McIntyre is soon going to be established as WWE’s next big star, if not biggest, and that makes the Scottish Psychopath reveal his next target – Brock Lesnar and his Universal Championship.

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The Scottish Psychopath is one of Vince McMahon’s favorite and is set to be in the title picture post Survivor Series. WWE has big plans for Drew as fans already saw the former NXT Champion’s new bold and aggressive persona as RAW Tag Team Champion with Dolph Ziggler.

In a recent interview with Planeta Wrestling, McIntyre revealed his next main roster target as he looks to establish himself as the face of the company in Roman Reigns’ absence.

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“Yeah, I mean during my time away from the company I won titles in every company around the world there really is. It was time to come back home. I wanted to start in NXT, I became NXT Champion. I got injured, re-debuted with Dolph, we became Tag Team Champions. He’s been Intercontinental Champion and like I said last week on Raw I’ll be watching Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman very closely. Whoever wins, that’s my target. Brock Lesnar won so now he’s my target.”

Drew and Strowman laid the seeds for a combustible feud by exchanging blows a few weeks ago prior to Crown Jewel. Although Strowman and McIntyre are both in the title picture, it’s the Scottish Superstar that is being seen as the company’s favorite for The Monster is currently facing backstage heat in WWE.

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McIntyre defeated Hall of Famer/Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle on Monday Night RAW this week in what was reportedly a passing of the torch match in WWE.

Hall of Famer Mark Henry also made his bold prediction of the Scottish Psychopath becoming World Champion in 2019.