Dustin Rhodes Announces Opening Date For Wrestling School

Dustin Rhodes, who is currently part of AEW with his brother Cody, has announced that his wrestling school will be opening its doors next year.

Dustin is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes and was formerly known as Goldust in WWE. He announced his intention to start the Rhodes Wrestling Academy back in June.

Now, on the Rhodes Wrestling Academy official Twitter, a launch date for the school’s opening has been announced.

“We are planning on launching January 2021,” reads the tweet. “Stay tuned in the coming weeks for signup info.

Dustin has said that he will be very “hands” on with the training. He has called the school a “developmental academy” and that this project is something he’s dreamt about doing for a long time.

The Tweet also revealed the location of the Rhodes Wrestling Academy. The Academy will be located just outside of Austin, Texas.

Through the academy, Dustin hopes to help fresh prospects who have a “dream” of becoming a wrestler and one day performing in front of thousands of people.

Dustin has been a wrestler for WWE, WCW and TNA, as well as taking a backstage producer role in the WWE.