Dustin Rhodes States His Match In AEW’s Double Or Nothing Was Top Match Of His Career

Image via tpww.net

AEW’s Dustin Rhodes, formerly the WWE’s Goldust, recently spoke with Sports Illustrated about his 30-year career.

Rhodes was asked about what he felt were his best matches in his career and according to Rhodes, the recent match he had against his brother Cody Rhodes during the AEW Double or Nothing pay-per-view tops anything he’s ever done.

“There is nothing I could do to top what I did with Cody at Double or Nothing. Cody is a tremendous talent with an unbelievable mind, just like dad had, and he’s quite the performer. He’s quite the force to be reckoned with, and watching him and seeing the way he reminds me of dad, it’s amazing,” said Rhodes.

He also spoke a bit on what was the difference between putting on that one match during Double or Nothing and the hundreds of matches he had with WWE.

“There weren’t 30 writers for this match, people who are just a bunch of ‘yes men’ scared to death of a man. There was a small group, and that’s all you need to create a magical environment. That environment was such a difference from where I came from, and it was a pleasure to be around them,” Rhodes told Sport Illustrated.

Rhodes also commented on the “unacknowledged war” between AEW and WWE and if he thinks that WWE is paying close attention to what AEW is doing.

“Without a doubt. Double or Nothing, top to bottom, was a great show, and it put them on notice,” said Rhodes.

The former WWE superstar acknowledged that AEW can learn a lot from WWE, especially in the case of some of AEW’s less experienced independent wrestlers. But he believes that WWE veterans like himself, Cody, Chris Jericho, and Jon Moxley have a lot to contribute.

“We can show the young kids how it is to be on TV and how to do this on a television basis. That’s a lot different than live events. There are cameras, it’s live, there are commercial breaks, and you’ve got to learn the process. But they’ll learn quick,” said Rhodes.