Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Says WWE Dream Match With Roman Reigns “Is Possible”

The Rock vs. Roman Reigns is among the most anticipated WWE dream bookings of the past decade. In recent years, the WWE Universe has witnessed several top, box-office dream matches but the showdown between the Anoaʻi cousins remains an elusive idea.

The fantasy booking gained widespread attention shortly after The Rock helped Reigns win the Men’s Royal Rumble match in 2016. While the IWC has been rallying the dream booking for the past four years, WWE has never teased the match in any sense whatsoever although both Reigns and Johnson have been quite vocal about it.

During a recent Instagram live stream, The Great One discussed the possibility of wrestling The Big Dog in WWE.

Rock vs Roman Reigns — is it possible? Sure, anything is possible. I’m always open and that’s the cool thing about professional wrestling is there’s an adaptability to pro wrestling and you never say never in pro wrestling and you never say never with Vince McMahon who has been one of my mentors in business for a very long time and we’re very, very close friend and confadant. You never say no.”

Earlier this year, Reigns had opened up on the idea of facing The Rock at WrestleMania 37. The former Universal Champion stated that a world-class venue like the SoFi Stadium would be the perfect stage for them to square off.

Quite surprisingly, The People’s Champion has also put major emphasis on the venue for the dream match. It appears that both cousins are strongly aiming for a grand WrestleMania booking which is exactly what the fans want to see.

“You know for something like that to happen I think the venue would have to be right. I think the business model has to be right [laughs]. I’m very close with Roman, we’re family, so we’ll see.”

For what it’s worth, The Rock is yet to officially wrestle his last match and Reigns could be the perfect guy to retire The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment.