E-mail Supports Candy Cartwright’s Claims That “Issues” With Matt Riddle Cost Her Bookings

Candy Cartwright, who has accused WWE Superstar Matt Riddle of sexual assault, filed a lawsuit against Riddle, WWE, and EVOLVE this week.

Aside from sexual assault, she is alleging that Riddle and those who knew about the assault used it to destroy her name and career in professional wrestling.

According to David Bixenspan of Babyface v. Heel, there is now some proof that Cartwright was “blackballed” from the WWE and lost bookings due to what occurred between her and Riddle.

Bixenspan posted the text of an e-mail that was allegedly sent to Cartwright by WWE referee Drake Wuertz, who booked extras for NXT.

The e-mail informs Cartwright that they are canceling her booking to be an extra in a WWE NXT show earlier this year. The e-mail is dated January 31 and it mentions bookings for February 5 and March 4.

The reason Wuertz gave for the cancellation was “past issues I wasn’t aware of with you and one of our talent.” The issues would “not make for an ideal work environment.”

Riddle has denied assaulting Cartwright but has admitted to an affair with her while he was in NXT.