EC3 Counts Down Days Till End Of No-Compete Clause, Hints At Move To AEW

EC3 was one of the wrestlers who was recently cut by the WWE and it looks like he’s aiming to become a part of AEW.

Like the rest of the released WWE talent, EC3 is under a 90-day non-compete clause, but he’s taken to social media to hype up his new status of “in control of the narrative” and looking forward to an in-ring return.

He has launched a new website, Free EC3, which features a countdown until his non-compete clause is over. It also features merchandise.

EC3 also posted a couple of videos which talk about his past and hint at his future. In one video, EC3 talked about how his dream of becoming a wrestler ended up becoming a nightmare.

“We’ve been told if you work hard, you pay your dues, you do the right thing that you can live your dream,” he continues. “But our dream is policed by a dark room within a corporation. Our dreams have become nightmares. I’ve realized this and now I have nothing to lose. You have been warned.”

In his second video, EC3 can be seen working out. While wrestlers posting workout videos is a common enough occurrence, what’s getting people talking is the music he’s listening to while he’s working out.

EC3 is listening to “Judas” by the band Fozzy – which happens to be the band of the inaugural AEW Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho. In fact, “Judas” isn’t just a song his band plays but the song Jericho uses as his theme in AEW.