EC3 Had Backstage Heat in WWE for Treating NXT as a Joke

EC3 had one of the worst runs imaginable in the WWE main roster, and it was attributed to his attitude backstage. Apparently, his attitude issues go far back, as he received heat backstage during his initial run as Derrick Bateman in NXT.

During the earlier incarnation of NXT, the show used to follow a reality-show format, with wrestlers having to do tasks and they were eliminated on basis of points and voting.

EC3 revealed to Fightful that he treated NXT as a joke at that point, which got him in troubled waters backstage.

“Yeah, ‘cause they treat the entire show like a joke, so, why not make a joke of being the joke? I figure it’s better people laugh with you than at you. I don’t like being laughed at, I like being laughed with because I’m entertaining. So, yeah, we figured out a way around their silly game and it made the segment entertaining, made the show better.”

“But, the fact that the control/power mechanism needs to reestablish why they’re in control. ‘Hey, you can be made fun of, but you can’t make fun of us.’ ‘Hey, I’m just trying to stand out, which is what you tell me to do.’”

“I want to be different, and I would like to entertain the people that paid money to be there as opposed to sitting there being like, ‘Why am I watching this forty-five-minute atrocity unfold in front of me? I’m here to see Edge and Randy Orton and John Cena. I’m not here to see this curly-haired idiot be put on the spot with dumb things.'”

EC3 was released from WWE, signed with Impact Wrestling, and made tremendous progress, before returning to NXT a few years later. Although he achieved decent booking on NXT, a call-up to the main roster ended up being a disaster.