WWE Rumors: EC3’s Main Roster Call-Up Reportedly Scrapped

EC3 joined a class of incredible stars who have made the switch over to WWE from TNA in recent years, including the likes of Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, and even AJ Styles.

Much like Joe and Roode, EC3 started his journey in NXT but he hasn’t been able to achieve as much success as his predecessors since he was reportedly earmarked for a main roster call up from the day he made his debut.

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Mike Johnson recently revealed on PWInsider Elite Audio that EC3 would have been called up following SummerSlam if it wasn’t for the fact that he suffered a concussion in his match at Takeover: Brooklyn.

“Obviously they announced Lars Sullivan. I always hear EC3 is kinda on the precipice of an eventual call-up. I still believe and nobody has told me this outright. But I’m under the impression that had he not gotten the concussion SummerSlam weekend, he probably would have been brought up right around SummerSlam time. Now they’ve gotta wait until they figure out a spot for him. That’s kinda the impression I got.”

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“It all has to do with when Vince is ready for somebody and whether Triple H is ready to let them go or not. So you can’t rush everyone up at once. I really think the entire makeup of NXT is going to change in the upcoming year as there is more talk of international satellite versions of that company showing up,” he said via Ringsidenews.

Lars Sullivan has been chosen to be called up to the main roster in the coming months and it was recently revealed that the likelihood is that he will be moved to the SmackDown roster.