Edge Believes Cesaro Will “Flourish” In WWE NXT, Is Robert Roode a Paul Heyman Guy?

Image via WWE

RAW Superstar Cesaro showcased one of the most spectacular performances of the night against Ilja Dragunov at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff, WWE’s inaugural pay-per-view event in Wales.

Cesaro quickly transitioned into a singles Superstar ever since his tag team partner Sheamus was sidelined with an injury. However, The Swiss Cyborg hasn’t had much success as a singles competitor so far and is on the verge of getting lost in the WWE machine.

On E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, Hall Of Famer Edge stated that NXT would be the ideal home for Cesaro to work on his weaknesses and polish his strengths while also enjoying the spotlight in the meantime.

“[Cesaro] going to NXT would be great. I think he’d really be allowed to flourish there. NXT is great for that. It’s kinda like ECW was. If there’s something they feel he’s lacking, whether it’s a promo or whatever, it can be hidden and worked on there and focus on his strengths. I see Fandango and [Tyler] Breeze down there, and I’m so happy for them. They get a chance to get in there and go. There’s quite a few on the roster where it would be great for them to go over [to NXT],” he said via Fightful.

NXT is officially switching over to USA Network on September 18 and the inclusion of a main roster guy like Cesaro on the show will not only help younger talent get over but will also ensure a steady boost in ratings ahead of the Wednesday Night Wars.

Meanwhile, former WWE United States Champion Robert Roode could be the next Paul Heyman prospect.

Rajah reports that Heyman is a strong proponent of Roode which is yet another reason behind WWE crowning new RAW Tag Team Title contenders (Dolph Ziggler & Roode) last week.

Roode has been struggling in the lower mid-card for a long time, but his future is about to change now that the RAW Executive Director has eyes on him.