Edge Believes Drew McIntyre Should Be In The Main Event Of WrestleMania 35

WWE Hall of Famer and “Rated-R” Superstar Edge was recently present at an “Inside The Ropes” live event in Scotland. During the event, the 7-time WWF/E World Heavyweight Champion discussed a variety of professional wrestling topics, WrestleMania 35 being one of them.

Edge then revealed which Superstar on the current roster would be the perfect fit for the main event of next year’s Show of Immortals.

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“It’s not just because we’re here [in Scotland]. I would say if we were in Boise, Idaho. I would say if we were in Jackson, Mississippi. I would say if we were in Kalamazoo, Michigan… Drew McIntyre. I’ve always really liked Drew. We’ve always gotten along.”


“He’s always come to me for advice and I know he actually comes because he wants advice, not just because it’s the political thing to do. He implements that advice or tries to and if it doesn’t work for him, that’s fine.”

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The 4-time WWE Champion also compared the Scottish Psychopath to Braun Strowman who has been billed by WWE as the company’s top babyface in Roman Reigns’ absence.

“Drew walks out and stands eye-to-eye with [Strowman] and I’m like, ‘Whoa! Okay, that kid is marketability to me.’ He backs it up with ability, a great mindset, and a great attitude. So, yeah, Drew McIntyre’s that guy to me.”

McIntyre’s huge singles push already kicked off when he defeated WWE legend Kurt Angle prior to Survivor Series on RAW. Although he was initially slated to feud with Reigns for the Universal Championship, plans changed when The Big Dog took a medical hiatus to fight the returning leukemia.

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The creative hasn’t lost direction as McIntyre is gradually emerging as a top main event Superstar and is on the road to becoming the next face of WWE.