Edge & Christian Discuss WWE Scripted Promos, Jon Moxley’s Promo Work

Scripted promo is a necessary evil in WWE

Image via Yahoo News

WWE is well known for crippling wrestlers with scripted promos week in, week out. While a handful of legends namely John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are granted the freedom of unscripted promos, the fact is they don’t belong to the list of current generation Superstars and that has made all the difference.

On E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, Hall Of Famer Edge and Christian talked about the plagued system of scripted promos in WWE. Notably, Captain Charisma discussed Jon Moxley‘s (fka Dean Ambrose) IWGP United States Heavyweight Title victory while highlighting that his best promo is yet to come.

“I think it’s great. Look, I think he’s really talented. I think he’s a great dude. I consider him a friend, so I’m glad that he’s happy and reinvigorated, so-to-speak. I think you’ll see more of his true self and he is a really good promo guy, a good talker and he’s one of these guys that’s better when he’s unscripted.”

“If anything, he [has] created a huge buzz for himself and for the industry.”

On the other hand, The Rated R Superstar laid down a two-fold argument – while scripted promos make sure WWE’s product is delivered as planned, too much scripting often takes away from the magic of live performances.

“It’s interesting, you hear how scripted everything is and da-da-da-da-da and how stifling it can be, and I think there’s probably an argument for both sides. I think there’s an argument because you’re a publicly traded company; it’s FOX; it’s USA [Network]; it’s all of these things, so I get that side of it.” 

“But I also get the aspect if things were so heavily scripted, you don’t get the Macho Man [Randy Savage] ‘cream of the crop’ promo, I don’t think. You wouldn’t get ‘Austin 3:16‘, I don’t think. I get both sides, I guess is what I’m saying.” 

However, given the average mic skills of most Superstars on the roster, WWE might as well be justified in curbing their freedom and handing talents scripted promos if that’s what’s “best for business.”