Edge Says He Will Never Compete in a TLC Match Again

Edge, along with his partner Christian, Dudley Boyz, and Hardy Boyz, is regarded as one of the key people who led to the birth of extreme wrestling in WWE.

The TLC Triple Threat between these teams is a legend at this point, but Edge won’t be stepping into one of these gruesome battles anymore.

With TLC taking place last night, The Rated R Superstar reminisced about his love for the match, and how it seemed surreal to see it develop into a full-fledged PPV event.

He also mentioned that he won’t take part in a TLC match ever again, with the match against Kane, Alberto Del Rio, and Rey Mysterio being the last of his career.

Edge won his 10th WWE Championship at TLC 2010, shortly before he had to call it quits due to recurrent neck injuries.

Although Edge is calling it quits with the TLC format, his battles with Randy Orton proved that he can still dish out a few dangerous spots from time to time.