Elias Opens Up About Being Yelled At For His Musical Segments, Why He Has Dusty Rhodes To Thank For His Gimmick

Image via GiveMeSport.com

Elias hasn’t had the best WrestleMania weekend since he was interrupted by John Cena at The Show of Shows, where he was attacked by the returning former WWE Champion before he then attempted to move forward from this on The Raw After WrestleMania, but was interrupted by The Undertaker.

Give his recent issues, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to assume that Elias has annoyed someone backstage, but at least he is able to work with some of the company’s biggest legends and could now have an interesting match planned for the upcoming Saudi Arabia show since rumors suggest that he could be facing The Deadman.

Speculation heading into that match also seems to state that it could be one of Undertaker’s last matches, which is quite an honor for someone who’s much newer to the business like Elias.

The Drifter recently appeared on Not Sam Wrestling. Following Sam Roberts, Elias made appearances throughout WrestleMania weekend, where he was able to open up about a number of subjects, including the fact that he is often yelled at because his segments go on for too long.

“I get yelled at all the time over how much time I take up on television, but in the end, they know it is good television. So it’s like that balance right there,” he said via Ringsidenews.

Elias also went on to share the story of why he has The American Dream Dusty Rhodes to thank for his current WWE gimmick.

“It actually kinda started, I was having a conversation with the legendary Dusty Rhodes. I was just talking to him about my life and who I am and whatnot. Sure enough, the next time I talked to him I brought a guitar in. I told a little story to him about my life while I was strumming and he was like, ‘Dude, that’s it right there,'” he said via Ringsidenews.