Elias Reveals He Was Rejected Twice By WWE Before Signing the Contract

Elias is one of the best character workers in WWE and has managed to play the role of a heel as well as a babyface to perfection on multiple occasions.

The guitar-wielding star recently appeared on Chasing Glory with Lillian Garcia and spoke about his initial days in the professional wrestling industry.

Elias said that he had to pay $1,000 just to secure a spot at a WWE tryout, where he was ultimately rejected. He saved and came back a few years later, but wasn’t signed yet again.

“I saw FCW having tryouts. All you had to do was pay $1000 to get there and you could have a tryout. It was a lot of money, but I paid it, I flew to Florida, had the tryout, it was maybe three days where they just grill you and have you go through the whole ringer. When I was done with that, they just destroyed me. ‘You look bad, you can’t talk, you don’t understand psychology, you need experience.’”

He went on to detail his second experience which was quite similar to the first one. He got a harsh reality check, but later on, he was selected as an extra for RAW and Smackdown. One of his performances as an extra caught the eye of the late Pat Patterson, and he ended up signing with the company.

Elias is currently on RAW, in a new partnership with the former Forgotten Sons leader Jaxson Ryker.