Elias Says His Performance Will Not Be Interrupted At WrestleMania

Image via WWE

Elias has been announced as the headlining musical act during WrestleMania 35 and according to him the WWE has guaranteed that his performance will not be interrupted.

There are rumors that Elias’ performance during WrestleMania will be disrupted by a special guest, such as John Cena, who is set to be at WrestleMania but who’s role has not yet been announced.

Elias addressed the rumors of a Cena interruption during an interview with TMZ Sports.

“I’m over the interruptions, man, I’m totally over it. John Cena is in New York, good for him. I’d rather not see him the whole time I’m here, that’d be great. But yeah, as far as WrestleMania goes, I’ve got it in writing that it’s not going to be interrupted. Contract. WWE, they hired me to be the headlining musical act, no interruptions,” said Elias.

He also talked about focusing on wrestling for now, but also working on a second album. Check out the entire interview in the video below: