Elimination Chamber: Riddle Becomes the New United States Champion

This match has garnered a lot of attention over the past week, but finally, WWE announced that Keith Lee wouldn’t be part of the United States Championship match tonight due to injury.

This meant that WWE was forced to announce a kickoff show match to reveal his replacement, which was John Morrison.

The former ECW World Champion was able to join forces with Riddle throughout the match in order to take the sting out of the threat of Bobby Lashley.

This alliance was short-lived, and in the end, Morrison decided to use the fact that there are no rules in a triple threat match, to attack Lashley with MVP’s crutches.

Lashley was able to lock in The Hurt Lock before Morrison could touch him, but Riddle picked up where he left off and was able to chop Lashley down with the weapon.

Riddle then delivered BroDerek to Morrison to pick up his first main roster Championship. The fact that Morrison was the man who took the pin in this match shows that WWE wanted to protect Bobby Lashley and now Riddle and the former MMA star could collide in a rematch for the Championship at WrestleMania in just 48 days time.