Elimination Chamber: The Miz Cashes in His Money in the Bank Contract

Drew McIntyre had a tough night as WWE Champion, but he was able to walk out the Elimination Chamber structure with his title after outlasting five former World Champions.

McIntyre’s night didn’t come to an end when his hand was raised, since MVP was spotted alongside The Miz earlier in the night and the two men appeared to be discussing business.

It was later revealed that this could have been connected to the fact that Bobby Lashley made his way out to the ring and speared McIntyre following the match.

Lashley then attacked McIntyre as the Chamber was lifted, before leaving him as an easy target for Mr. Money in the Bank The Miz.

McIntyre told the official that he was able to continue with the match and the cash-in was made official, even though it was clear that the Champion was in no state to defend his title.

One Skull Crushing Finale later, and The Miz is now the WWE Champion once again. It was a shocking end to a pay-per-view that lacked surprises and will now add some excitement to the WWE Championship picture heading into WrestleMania 37.

Earlier in the night, Edge finally made his WrestleMania decision and chose Roman Reigns, which means that the WWE Championship picture is now wide open.