Ember Moon and Dana Brooke Feud On Twitter On The Use Of ‘Tornado Suplex’

Image via WWE

Two women on the WWE’s main roster are currently bickering on Twitter over move sets.

Ember Moon has called Dana Brooke out on not being original on her move sets.

Brooke recently sent out an excited tweet where she talked about having a new move to her arsenal. Included with the tweet is a clip of her using her “new move” on Sarah Logan.

The clip was an early preview of this week’s Main Event where Brooke and Logan faced off. Though Brooke stunned Logan with her new move, it wasn’t enough to win the match. Logan rallied and hit Brooke with a running knee before pinning her for the win.

Brooke’s new move is basically a tornado suplex. While it is a nice looking move, it’s not really anything very original or innovative, and Moon seemed to take issue with Brooke calling it “new”.

Moon herself has been using tornado suplex in her matches both in NXT and the main roster which she pointed out in her Tweet.

Brooke apparently didn’t like Moon critiquing her and “claiming” the move and shot back. She told Moon that “all women” could do a suplex if they wanted to.

Brooke took a further shot at Moon’s apparent lack of TV time recently and told her to focus on her current storyline with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

Moon shot back, bringing up the fact that Brooke has been in the main roster for some time now without really distinguishing herself.

“Instead of dipping in our moveset be original,” writes Moon.