Ember Moon Explains Why She’s Been Missing From WWE TV

Ember Moon is a former NXT Women’s Champion, she was someone who many believed would go on to be part of bigger and better things. Sadly, this hasn’t been the case since Moon has been unable to lift the Championship on the main roster and had been missing from the show in recent months.

Moon hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since SummerSlam when she challenged for the Women’s Championship but was unsuccessful in her quest to lift her first main roster Championship.

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Moon has been injured a few times throughout her time in WWE, most recently following the 2017 Royal Rumble, but she was a guest on WWE Backstage last night where she was able to reveal that she had been on the sidelines due to the fact that she had torn her tendon clean off the bone.

“I basically ruptured my Achilles and tore it in half – I’m sorry, tore it off the bone.”

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As stated above, Moon isn’t a stranger to the fact that she’s injured once again and was able to appear on WWE Backstage and show off her stunning new look.

Ember Moon currently has bright blue hair, which looks as though it would go so much better with her character if she decides to keep it this color when she finally makes her return. A return is not yet on the cards, which means she isn’t expected to be part of the Survivor Series show on Sunday night, but it’s hoped that Moon could be back in time to be part of the third annual Women’s Royal Rumble in January.

Last night’s WWE Backstage was a stacked episode that featured CM Punk in his first full episode and saw the former World Champion dish a lot of dirt on WWE and his time within the company.