Ember Moon Wants To Feud With Asuka On The Main Roster

Image via nexterawrestling.net

Asuka and Ember Moon are two of the most promising Superstars on the WWE main roster with NXT origins. The two had one of the best and most bitter rivalries in the history of NXT. “The War Goddess” was the only wrestler to come close enough to finally defeat “The Empress of Tomorrow” in NXT. Asuka’s undefeated streak was eventually put to an end by “The Queen” Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 34.

Moon who is on RAW and Asuka who is on SmackDown are both struggling despite having memorable main roster debuts.

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Moon now intends to feud yet again with her “biggest rival” and fans can expect to see it coming given the War Goddess eliminated The Empress in the Women’s Battle Royal Match at the Evolution pay-per-view event.

While on the Sky Sports’ “Lock Up Wrestling” podcast, Moon expressed her earnest desire to clash against Asuka this time on the main roster.

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“My dream opponent would actually be Beth Phoenix but that is the ultimate dream but as far as Asuka goes she’s my biggest rival – I’ve said it time and time again. She’s on my list. I’d love another crack at her.”

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“I would love to have another match just to prove that I can beat her and to have another great rivalry with my best friend-worst enemy, but you know, it’s… it kind of stinks because we’re on different brands right now but who knows. Hopefully soon, I’ll see her in the Rumble. That would be great, hopefully.”

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“Like I said she’s one of my best friends, my worst enemies, but yeah I would love another crack at Asuka. Just throwing her over at the Evolution battle royal wasn’t enough for me.”

WWE rekindled Sasha Banks and Bayley’s epic NXT rivalry on the main roster, thus laying the foundation for another Asuka vs. Moon feud.