Eric Bischoff Blames His Inability to Adapt as The Reason Behind WWE Firing

In June 2019, WWE appointed Eric Bischoff as the Executive Director of Friday Night SmackDown as they prepared for a move to FOX. A few months later, in October, it was announced that Bischoff had been replaced by Bruce Prichard, and with immediate effect, he had left the company. The cause of his firing has since been debated.

During a recent interview with TalkSport, Uncle E revealed the actual reason behind his sudden WWE firing. As noted by the man himself, Bischoff had failed to adapt to the new ways of WWE programming and didn’t manage his time well. The former WCW President didn’t fill the high-profile role the way Vince McMahon had wanted him to.

“What I underestimated was just how difficult that adaptation would be for anybody that is good at adapting. It takes time. And I didn’t manage that well. My lack of performance, if you will, in terms of not fulfilling the role in the way that Vince McMahon saw it, that was on me. That wasn’t on WWE. It wasn’t because of any one person or group of people. It was on me and my failure to adapt.”

It was previously reported that WWE is interested in rehiring Bischoff in the near future. What’s more, despite his unceremonious firing, Uncle E doesn’t seem to hold any hard feelings toward the billion-dollar promotion.

I just didn’t work out. It was a bad fit and more of a chemistry issue, really, than anything else.

Fans had high hopes for Bischoff during his short stint in WWE. While some employees were excited to have the legendary persona onboard, a few were extremely bothered by Bischoff’s mode of operations.

It was reported that nobody knew what Bischoff was doing and that he would leave the building sooner than he had arrived.