Eric Bischoff Comments On nWo In Hall Of Fame, Possibility Of Inducting Them

Image via Twitter

It has been announced that the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame will include the iconic WCW faction, the nWo. Specifically, nWo members Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman. While most seem to believe that the nWo does belong in the Hall of Fame – many believe it’s missing a key member.

Eric Bischoff, who was then general manager of WCW, was not part of the original onscreen iteration, the idea was allegedly largely his and he did eventually join the faction.

When asked about the nWo getting inducted during After 83 Weeks With Christy Olson, Bischoff didn’t seem to have any hard feelings about being left out..

“About f*cking time! When the nWo evolved and came to be, that fuse that was already lit hit nitroglycerin and it exploded the business in a way that, other than what Vince McMahon and [WWE] did by launching WrestleMania, brought a lot of mainstream attention to the industry,” said Bischoff about the nWo.

One vocal advocate for Bischoff also being inducted alongside the nWo is Waltman. Waltman is going to be a two-time inductee as he was already inducted alongside his DX stablemates.

Bischoff was asked about Waltman’s comments and according to him, it “was nice of him” but noted that Waltman was not calling the shots.

“It would’ve been wonderful,” admitted Bischoff. “But I don’t worry about that…I love those guys, especially Hulk [Hogan]; these are guys that I have a deep affection for and respect for. So I couldn’t be happier, and I’m just going to let it go at that.”

When asked about the possibility that he could and should induct the nWo into the Hall of Fame, Bischoff would neither confirm or deny. According to him, he has yet to be asked but he would be happy to do it.

“If I get the call at the last minute, I’ll swing by wherever they’re going to be in Tampa. I’m sure I can spit out a good induction,” he said.