Eric Bischoff Criticizes WWE and AEW for Making the Same Mistake

On the latest episode of Everything Is, Eric Bischoff criticized WWE and AEW and revealed the biggest mistake both wrestling promotions are repeating. 

Bischoff was one of the reasons WWE was able to produce terrific matches and segments during the Attitude Era to outshine WCW in the rating war. The former SmackDown Executive Director revealed that both companies are not doing anything new to gain more viewers. 

“I will say this– this is gonna not go over well, and it may be certain that I never got a phone call from AEW again or WWE because I’m gonna criticize them both for the same thing. Neither one of them are growing the audience. Neither one of them is doing anything new that hasn’t been done before. At least not doing anything big enough or new enough that they’re not growing the audience.”

He talked about All Elite Wrestling and said that the promotion isn’t focusing on crossing its average viewership mark by doing something new and exciting. 

“AEW is hanging onto the same 7-800,000 viewers. Every once in a while, they’ll get a little more than that. Every once in a while, they’ll get a little less than that. But they’re hanging on to that same – let’s call it 800,000 viewer average – that they had last year at this time, before COVID.WWE is barely hanging onto their audience; their audience is deteriorating.