Eric Bischoff Criticizes WWE and AEW for Promoting Matches Without Build-Up

On the 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff talked about various things, and among them, he explained why he doesn’t like the idea of advertising matches a week before they happen.

“Today, and it drives me f—— crazy, actually, and I’m not gonna mention the organizations’ names, but when I see any wrestling organization, especially the bigger ones, advertising a week in advance something that’s going to happen, you’re diluting the power of live television.”

“You’re giving up, you’re throwing away, you’re shoving down the garbage disposal, one of your biggest advantages when you do live TV. And that’s tickling that need for the audience to feel like, ‘Man, I gotta tune in because anything can happen and I don’t wanna miss it.’

He explained why live television is also called “appointment television”. He criticized both WWE and AEW for promoting matches and storylines without a buildup.

“F—, that’s called appointment television. That’s why you’re live. And when whether it’s WWE or AEW, there I go I said I wasn’t gonna name them, but here we go, when I see them advertising something that really doesn’t have any story, there’s no buildup, there’s no journey involved, you’re just advertising a match.”

“There’s not a story, the draw isn’t big enough on its own so what do we do? Oh let’s just promote it. Let’s make sure the audience knows what we’re gonna do. Well how about not? How about instead of that, how about creating a really good story that feels like it’s combusting spontaneously before your eyes in the moment? Now you’re capitalizing on live television, and I think that’s what we did with the NWO.”

Bischoff also talked about NWO on his podcast and why the idea wouldn’t work today in wrestling.