Eric Bischoff Is Relocating To Stamford For New Job In WWE

Uncle Eric considers this new job as the "biggest opportunity" he's ever had

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Eric Bischoff is the new Executive Director of SmackDown Live and is looking to “start over from scratch” for a fresh start in WWE.

Bischoff currently resides in Cody, Wyoming and is 2,119 miles away from the WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. However, to make sure that distance doesn’t turn out to be a major barrier between him and WWE, Bischoff has made the decision to relocate to Stamford.

On 83 Weeks, Bischoff talked about his new job in WWE and assured fans that his podcast won’t be ending any time soon.

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“I want to let everyone know, the magnitude of this opportunity and the challenge that goes with it is not lost on me. There have been a couple of times the last few days where I have been driving around in my truck or taking my dog on a hike and I said ‘Wow, this is the biggest opportunity I have ever had in this industry.’”

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Bischoff’s new residence close to the WWE HQ may actually see him taking on more responsibilities in the future if Vince McMahon is impressed with his work. We’ve already seen how Paul Heyman has turned Monday Night RAW into a spicy sizzler and the same is being expected of Eric on SmackDown Live.

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“Me, my wife Lori and my dog Nikki are loading the truck and heading to Stamford, with only the clothes on our back and a few boxes and we are starting over from scratch. I have never been more excited. I just can’t wait.”

While some people were shocked with Bischoff’s new role in WWE, others are quite optimistic about his potential. The 64-year-old pro wrestling persona has immense experience and knowledge under his wing and while it may take some time to see his influence on the product, fans believe it would be all worth it for the sake of making the overall product enjoyable once again.