Eric Bischoff on WWE’s Promo Style: “I Don’t Know Why Anybody Today Still Continues to Shoot Promos That Way”

Former WWE SmackDown Executive Director Eric Bischoff recently talked about the company’s style of doing promos. He bashed them for their outdated style and said “it’s about as 2001 as you can get”.

“I don’t know why anybody today still continues to shoot promos that way, because it’s about as 2001 as you can get,” Bischoff said. “The technique has advanced so far beyond that. Particularly in WWE, I’m not here to bang on them, but it is what it is, and I’ve been b—hing about this for the last 15 years, so it’s nothing new. But God d–n, figure out a different way to shoot your promos, because they suck as they are for the most part.

He isn’t alone, as fans also have been complaining about WWE promos. Bischoff didn’t like the old style where superstars would go backstage where the interviewer would ask a question and then they would cut a promo.

He believes that WWE should find ways to incorporate shoot-style promos that were once popular in wrestling.

“Start looking at some of the ways people shoot these confessional [promos], because it makes them feel so much more real and believable. You get sucked into the story because it is believable. There is nothing f***ing believable about some talent standing backstage in a completely sterile environment, standing next to someone who’s asking the question and setting the talent up for the response. For the most part, it doesn’t have a story anyway, and then the talent walks off. It’s just horrible.”